Complete Bible on Audio Podcast

Season 1 for the Old Testaments Books.

Season 2 for the New Testament Books.

Each Episode in each Season is all chapters and verses in one complete book.

The ENTIRE BIBLE in about 61 hours (or about 30 at 2x!)

Old Testament: about 45 hours (22 hours at 2x!).

New Testament: about 15 hours (7.5 hours at 2x!).

Acts to Revelation: about 8 hours (4 hours at 2x!).

Focused listening in large chunks brings a whole new understanding of each chapter

The most important Bible Topics for life today

The 2 most important issues without question for every single person on earth are whether you are alive or not and whether you are with Jesus or without Jesus.

It’s not politics, not culture, not race, not bowling average, not social class, not your past or someone else’s past.

Even with all of our technological advances in the last hundred years, it seems that stress, depression, and confusion are at all time highs.

We build on a solid foundation so that every day from now through eternity we are truly ALIVE with Jesus.