BK Destroying Foundations: Why the ESV is just another NIV and other new translations

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An apologetic answer to a blog and other issues permeating today’s church about the authenticity of the Bible and of new translations and their effect on the foundational faith and confidence in the words of God.

It reveals the ESV or English Standard Version is merely an update of the NIV or New International Version and the New Revised Standard Version or NRSV.

Is the ESV just another NIV?

Can the new translations be trusted?

Does each and every word matter or is it just the ideas conveyed?

Did God preserve His word?

Are all translations the same?

Are things that are different the same?

Do the new translations contradict themselves?

Are their omissions in the new translations?

Does God care if someone changes His words?

Does God hold His words above His name?

Do the new translations help to unify the church?

Are the oldest manuscripts necessarily the best?

Do the oldest manuscripts match the majority?

What do we do when translations contradict?

Paperback  :  158 pages
ISBN-10  :  1535338555
ISBN-13  :  978-1535338554

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